Templar Report: Extinction Rebellion

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Templar Report: Extinction Rebellion

Thousands of crazies, clowns (literally) and middle class do-gooders from the Extinction Rebellion have brought London to a standstill as their war on weather intensifies.

There is something strangely ironic about the so-called 'Extinction Rebellion' protests. The very people protesting, supposedly against extinction, are from a part of our society whose total fertility rate has voluntarily fallen way below replacement level, namely the middle classes.

Exposed: The Marxist plot behind Extinction Rebellion!

Let's not fool ourselves, the brainwashed zombies throwing themselves under buses and blocking roads are the least of our worries; the organisers and money men behind them are working to an entirely different agenda:

The destruction of the Western economic system!

The extinction rebellion protests are a smokescreen for the Marxist-feminists, anti-Christian fanatics, and the pro-EU ideologues.

Still, it is fun to have a right good laugh at the expense of their demonic foot-soldiers!

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