Templar Report: False Prophets of the Right

Templar Report: False Prophets of the Right

How do you spot a fake? He starts talking about unity. There can be no unity with those on the "right" if they remain hostile to God's word.

The women haters, the pro-LGBT, pro-abortion cretins of the Alt Right and Alt Light have perverted the right with their pseudo-liberal worldview.

Richard Spencer personifies the hijacking of the Right!

Spencer is a vain, narcissistic, spoilt, entitled brat of man at best, a CIA agent at worst. Spencer, Milo, Sargon of Akkad and their ilk have made a laughing stock out of the Right.

Just at a time when Antifa are arming for war!

Our people have been led astray by fools with their fat frog memes. It is time to get back in touch with the foundations of our civilisation and peoples; it's time to become serious individuals, dedicated to the task of defending our inheritance, our lands, our faith and future.