Templar Report: London Terror Attack

Templar Report: London Terror Attack

Liberals will not only sacrifice our children on the alter of political correctness, but as the recent terror attack in London shows, they will gladly sacrifice their own children!

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were two young, university-educated co-ordinators for Learning Together, the prison rehabilitation and education programme. They were also very liberal.

In the end, it was their liberal worldviews that led to their deaths!

Today, Jack and Saskia lie cold in the grave, but in Jack's case, his father has taken the opportunity to shill even harder for son's life work of advocating for the early release of Jihadis, pedophiles and rapists in Britain's premiere liberal rag The Guardian.

No mention of the Islamist that murdered his son, though!

Can you imagine your son or daughter being butchered on the streets, him or her lying bleeding in agony, their life slowly ebbing away, only for you to run to the press and post an article about how right-wing fanatics have hijacked the memory of your dead child for political gain?

It is a common saying among right-wing patriots that liberalism is a mental disorder!

Only a liberal would stoop to such a low!