Templar Report: Official: Christianity Outlawed

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Templar Report: Official: Christianity Outlawed

With each passing day, the atheistic states of the West growing increasingly intolerant of the faith and its adherents. Do not expect it to ease anytime soon.

In no other western society is the growing persecution of Christian more pronounced than once the Great Britain. Case and point: Dr David Mackereth. A devout Christian who refused to bow to the fantasies of the LGBT lobby.

For refusing to use gender pronouns, Dr. MacKereth was sacked!

The quasi-Stalinist panel passing judgement on Dr. MacKereth found that his Christian beliefs were "incompatible with human dignity" and "not worthy of respect in a democratic society."

This is the reality for Christians in 21st Century Britain!

I wonder would they have said the same thing to a Muslim, a Hindu, or a Jew? I think we both know the answer. For the time being, Christians will be hounded from the workplace and colleges, but what happens when that is not enough to break our faith?

Just look to the killing fields of Soviet Russia for a glimpse into the future!


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