Templar Report: RIP Brexit

Templar Report: RIP Brexit


Tonight, we saw the culmination and climax of almost three years of fakery, deception and treason against the British people. You may remember that I made a video the DAY AFTER the referendum predicting exactly this very scenario and people said I was a fool!
Sadly I was Correct and I take no pleasure in being vindicated as I now see my beloved Country and the proud British people humiliated and treated like slaves by this Westminster cabal of SCUM and elected SCUM at that!

I have been a political advisor for thirty years to patriotic parties here in the UK and across the world but never have I seen such a blatant stitch up. What has happened would make any crazed banana republic dictator blush with shame.

Brexit WILL now be OVER-TURNED and that is that unless WE THE PEOPLE rise up and defend our democracy and we can do that by lawful and peaceful means. A general election is now a real possibility and we must ensure that the Tories put up a solid PRO BREXIT candidate, we must push every local branch to get on board and NOT WASTE our vote by voting for fringe parties like UKIP no matter how FRUSTRATED we are.

If we give in to our rage, we will split the right and Crazed Corbyn WILL WIN THE ELECTION. Look, I utterly despise these Tory bastards, but our country is in trouble. Not since 1939 have we faced such a threat to our sovereignty and survival so we must think smart now or Corbyn and his loonies will win easily and that will be the end of us a Nation.

I strongly advise that we turn or fury into positive action. These scumbags THINK we are beaten but WE ARE THE BRITISH and we don’t go down that easy! The Fight goes on and will do until 17 MILLION of us are lying dead in the streets…NO SURRENDER!