Templar Report: The Death of Epstein

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Templar Report: The Death of Epstein

This has to be the most convenient suicide in recorded history. This could potentially lead to a slew of the world's most powerful men being let off the hook for sex crimes...allegedly, of course!

As we (and every other normal functioning human being with a brain) predicted, Jeffrey Epstein, the world's most famous billionaire sex trafficker and friend of the rich and powerful was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell. The authorities tasked with watching over the world's most famous prisoner were sound asleep (the two of them) and the cameras tracking his movements "malfunctioned." What a coincidence! Also in the news this week, three brave young "British" men tackled a knife-wielding Jihadi in Australia, holding him down with a beer crate. Jim Dowson breaks down all these events in this week's first episode of Templar Report. 

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