Templar Report: The War on Men

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Templar Report: The War on Men

Whether you are a famous Hollywood director or a world leader, no man on earth is safe. The #MeToo mob are out for blood. No man, regardless of race, class or location is safe.

Today, traditional male qualities like courage, self-reliance, competitiveness, stoicism, personal ambition and a love of adventure are ‘psychologically harmful’.

men are now encouraged to be "more feminine," in other words, to be more like women!

When historians look back on this period in history, they will mark the feminist revolution and the War on Men as the most significant and pivotal movement and phenomenon that has brought our civilisation to its knees. 

Immigration, demographic decline, secularism, all of these could not have been possible without female emancipation and the destruction of traditional male and female roles.

The solution is not to spend our lives playing video games, getting addicted to opioids, or committing suicide; that is the easy option. Look to the past, look to the courage and strength of the early Christian martyrs, of Christ himself, to see what true manliness is. Use their examples as motivation in your own life!