Templar Report: Trump Impeachment

Templar Report: Trump Impeachment

Pelosi and her minions have finally done it...Congress has voted to impeach the democratically-elected President Trump. 

From the moment President Trump walked into the White House, the Democrats and their hired talking heads in the Fake news media have hinted at impeaching the president for virtually breathing...now the impeachment of President Trump is a reality. 

The Democratic Party is going for broke!

Based on what i hear you ask? Based on the fact that Trump was looking into the allegations of corruption by the Biden family while Joe was Vice President. Yes, really!

What we are witnessing is nothing short of Coup. The Democrats and Congress have shown themselves for what they truly are: anti-democratic, totalitarian usurpers of our constitution.

And to make matters worse, Pelosi is refusing to issue the impeachment papers to the Senate in order to drag this out as long as possible. To find out why join guest presenter Jim Dowson for Templar Report.