Templar Report: Trump Impeachment

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Templar Report: Trump Impeachment

Pelosi and her minions have finally done it...the impeachment of President Trump is now on the cards. To find out why join guest presenter Jim Dowson for Templar Report.

From the moment President Trump walked into the White House, the Democrats and their hired talking heads in the Fake news media have hinted at impeaching the president for virtually breathing...now the impeachment of President Trump is a reality. 

The Democratic Party is going for broke!

Based on what i hear you ask? Based on the fact that Trump was looking into the allegations of corruption by the Biden family while Joe was Vice President. Yes, really!

Greta Thunberg, the "environmentalist" and darling of the left-wing media, is back in the news. Was she repeating her false claims about the end of the world and how we are all doomed? No! the little Swede who can do no wrong was recently photoed wearing an Antifa t-shirt. 

Greta was even pictured with a communist Antifa Leader!

Later in the week, she addressed the United Nations (we are not joking) and her reaction to President Trump's presence tells us all we need to know about her warped political ideology. Is it just us, or is the world going mad?


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