Templar Report: Trump, Syria and The Wall

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Templar Report: Trump, Syria and The Wall

Guest presenter Jim Dowson is back with the final Templar Report before the Christmas break and what a report we have lined up for you...


Just when we thought President Trump had finally bowed to the deep state and all our hard work over the last couple of years was to come to nothing, President Trump shocked the world this week by announcing the withdrawal of troops from Syria and refused to sign a budget that did not include funding for the wall across the Mexican border. Infuriated by Trump's decision to pull out of Syria, General Mattis handed in his resignation letter, and how did the anti-war, left-wing press react: by denouncing Trump's decision to withdraw troops. You could not make it up. With government destined for a shutdown this Christmas and the Democrats gaining control of the congress after the new year, 2019 is sure to be as turbulent as 2018.

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