Templar Report: UK Election Special

Templar Report: UK Election Special

Good news at last from the UK! Commie Corbyn is gone and Boris has been reelected on the promise of finalising the Brexit deal once and for all.



It was a terrible night for our leftie snowflake friends. Their hopes of stopping Brexit went up in smoke as the Tories romped home to victory.

From the vile Anna Soubry to the delusional "future Prime Minister" Jo Swinson, the left was totally annihilated in one of the biggest election upsets in British history.

Finally the British people will get their Brexit!

This weekend, students all across the UK took to the street to protest, wait for it, the Conservative election victory, but Boris' Brexit deal will soon be ratified and there is little they can do about it now.

Savor this victory brothers and sisters. Next year, it will be the turn of American friends to carry on the fight. The Brexit revolution continues, let's hope the Trump train rolls on for another four years!