Templar Report: UK The Brink of Civil War?

Templar Report: UK The Brink of Civil War?

The supreme court ruling against Parliament and the 17.M people that voted for Brexit has rocked the UK. 


First Parliament moved to frustrate the will of the people by voting in legislation which prevents the UK from leaving the EU and now the Supreme Court has shown where its loyalty lie, and it is not with the British people.

Britain's ancient liberties, long cherished by its citizens and envied by outsiders, is gone, snuffed out by renegade, liberal judges.

Talk of open Civil War is now in the air!

Foreign, interfering globalists, personified by Gina Miller, have derailed our democracy and crushed the dreams of millions of patriots in the process. 

If we manage to avoid another civil war, then the limits of the Supreme Court are going to have to be set out without ambiguity in statute.

Be under no illusions, trouble is brewing!

Many Western nations have their version of the Deep State. Today, the people of Britain saw how deep their roots of their deep state goes.

This is the greatest constitutional crisis since the English Civil War. The EU bureaucrats, the traitors in our midst (i.e liberals) and the media have got what they wanted...or so they think!


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