Templar Report: Zucked, Trucked and Brexit

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Templar Report: Zucked, Trucked and Brexit

When our guest presenter Jim Dowson said, in 2016, Brexit would not happen, he was called "crazy." Well, now those who doubted him are eating their words...


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The trust of the British people in its democracy is gone!

It wasn't destroyed by nazis, the armies of Napoleon or a fascist regime. The culprit, the murderer, was middle class, smug, liberal no-it-alls riddled with disdain for the ordinary people of Britain.

Have you been zucked?

The man with as much power as God (or so he thinks) Mark Zuckerberg is being dragged over the coals by over 40 states for breaching anti-trust laws. His reign of censorship and manipulation is coming to an end!

Dead immigrants, Ireland and the IRA

Earlier this week, 39 Chinese immigrants packed into a refrigerator truck, froze to death in Essex, England. What the media is not reporting, is the culprits behind it: Irish Republicans.