Templar Tradition Honoured In France

Templar Tradition Honoured In France

The Knights Templar are remembered with pride and affection in a part of France that makes some of the best wines the Old World has to offer.

Right on the south eastern edge of the country, where the Pyrenees and the Spanish border meet the Mediterranean, vineyards first developed by the original Templars - and still using the system of stone terraces they developed to direct every precious drop of scarce rainwater to the vines - are producing truly great wines.

In this harsh, dry land, on thin soils over rocks rich in minerals, a co-operative of independent vineyard owners got together way back on 1950 to establish the marque they named Terre des Templiers (Land of the Templars) after the medieval owners of their land.

The denomination they produce is known as Banyol, and they have made themselves a formidable reputation with these naturally sweet and intensely complex wines, which are uniquely aged in oak barrels out of doors.

Such is the reputation of the wines bearing the logo of the Templar knight that not a drop is sold through shops or other retailers or middlemen.

Every single bottle is sold direct from Terre des Templiers to their end-use customers. Now that really is a recommendation!