Templars Larzac

Templars Larzac

In the Larzac region of the South of France (10-20 km south of Millau, 100 km NW of Montpellier) are five fortified Templars villages that still retain their defensive walls and medieval buildings. Each of these five villages was more than a village, they were Templar Commanderies, fortified headquarter sites.

The Five Templars Villages of Larzac are located on the famed Larzac Plateau, an ancient and barren region in the South of France.

La Cavalerie is an ancient village on the high plateau of Causse de Larzac, founded as Commanderie of the Templiers. The village includes the intact, walled Templiers fortress, where you can still walk the ramparts. 

La Couvertoirade has the most extensive Medieval interior of the five  and the village is completely walled and its compact center has stone paved streets and stone buildings and walls. 

Ste-Eulalie-de-Cernon is an ancient Templiers fortress and commanderie village. The walled village is tiny and easy to explore, with a 12th-century church on the main square in the very center.

St-Jean-d'Alcas is a small Medieval village built around a walled Templier fortress dating from the 15th century. The heart of the village is actually a micro-village inside the Cistercian fortress ramparts.

Viala-du-Pas-de-Jaux is a very small village on the Larzac that was a Templiers commanderie. It's the only Templiers village in the area that is not fortified, but still has a tall, massive tower from that time.