Templars on El Paso Shooting

Templars on El Paso Shooting

This is what happens when the elite closes the ‘political road’. Desperate, angry people do desperate, wicked things.

The people of America woke up and turned out in their millions to vote for a President who would stop mass Third World immigration and keep America American. Then the liberal elite demonised, blocked and bullied the duly elected President, making it impossible for him to carry out those key campaign pledges. And then Big Tech set about gagging and deplatforming everyone who feels the same way.

Naturally, we condemn without reservation the mass shootings of innocent people, including those in Dayton and El Paso, which have so shocked America today. But we also have to point out that such reckless violence is the inevitable – and utterly predictable – result of liberal-left totalitarian arrogance and repression.

It is unthinkable that the scale of the social and demographic changes that have been forced on the people of the USA, Britain and Western Europe in recent decades – without a shred of a democratic mandate – would lead to enormous unhappiness, fear and anger.

While those feelings had an outlet through safety valve politicians and online letting-off-steam, most of such anger would dissipate harmlessly. But if you put a fire under a pressure cooker, then close the lid and glue up the pressure-release valve, you really shouldn’t be surprised when it explodes, nor cry crocodile tears and try to exploit the consequences of your own stupidity by demanding that the police come in and confiscate all your neighbours’ cookers and cooking pots!

That, unfortunately, is exactly how the liberal-left are already reacting to the latest wave of mass shootings by angry and marginalised white men. Which means, of course, that a fresh wave of heavy-handed attacks on free speech and new talk of gun confiscation will lead to even more anger and marginalisation. It’s a very vicious circle, and the sad reality is that it is only just beginning.

IF the Powers That Be really wanted to stop this sort of thing, they would pay closer attention to the grievances and fears of poor, left-behind whites, and would seek ways to give hopeless young men who face becoming a minority in their own country some reason to hope and some realistic and worthwhile goals in life.

Instead, they will rage and sneer and preach and bully, while the liberal corporate elite continue to gag people and destroy their networks of friends and their livelihoods.

What then? It’s already all too obvious. People will grow tired of signing petitions calling for free speech on this platform, which will continue to be ignored. And the next few self-starting, lone wolf partisans in this ugly and immoral embryonic civil war will conclude that Big Tech CEOs will ignore 500,000 signatures, but will find it very much harder to avoid a short burst of bullets.

We do not predict this because we want to see it happen, but in the very slim hope that this blunt warning will reach some of the liberal-left who are right now rubbing their hands with glee as they exploit today’s unforgivable murders. And make them pause before applying the next blob of superglue to the valve on the pressure cooker…..