That’s ‘Diversity’! Mobs Attack French Fighters

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That’s ‘Diversity’! Mobs Attack French Fighters

Firemen in France are striking to protest at the failure of the Macron regime to take effective action over a shocking rise in violent attacks on fire crews attending emergencies in the country’s seething and lawless inner city ghettos.

Since 2017, firefighters experienced a rise of 23 percent rise in the number of assaults during interventions. Such attacks are described as the ‘new normal’. To tackle this worrying phenomenon, a decree allowing first responders to wear personal cameras to film interventions was issued last month. Sadly, not as effective as issuing them handguns would be!

“The population is being abandoned. Emergency services cannot meet people’s needs anymore and firefighters are the last link in this chain,” André Goretti, president of firefighters’ union the Fédération autonome des sapeurs-pompiers professionnels, told Franceinfo.



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