The Anti-Christ and European Suicide

The Anti-Christ and European Suicide

Is the ultra-liberal Pope Francis the anti-Christ? Or is it just that modernity and European (Christian) Suicidalism in general, are exemplified by Pope Francis? Talented traditionalist music protesters Les Brigandes certainly see that there’s something deeply wrong in the Vatican today.


Pope Francis is the opposite of prior leaders of the Christian world such as Charles Martel and Charlemagne. Where they sought to protect and preserve Europe and Christendom, the Pope advocates for what he deems the ‘Arab Invasion’.

At the time that quote came out, some people mistakenly thought that the Pope meant the term in a negative way, and took hope that perhaps the leader of the Catholic Church was speaking out against mass immigration. But no, the Pope was lauding it. He thinks mass immigration is great and grand, despite the fact that the invaders immigrating to Europe would gladly burn him alive as an infidel.

As we saw, the Pope even gave the modern Church and modern Europe a symbolic representation of themselves, when he bathed (and kissed) the feet of migrants.

But of course the Pope is far more of a Social Justice Warrior than a traditional Catholic, as Les Brigandes show in their music and lyrics. In the modern West, Christianity and Progressive Negationism have to a large part blended together, and have in tandem turned the ‘turn the other cheek’ mantra into a religiously based suicide call to commit civilizational (and actual) suicide.