The Black Lives That Don't Matter

The Black Lives That Don't Matter

The deathly silence over the identities of the perpetrators of the latest church massacre in Nigeria tells its own tragic story.

Where is the outcry? When an Australian, Brenton Tarrant, attacked two mosques and killed 51 Muslims in 2019 in New Zealand, the world stood in condemnation; the hand-wringing has not stopped since. The United Nations responded to that lone and aberrant attack by inaugurating a "combat Islamophobia" initiative. Where, after years and decades of being attacked, are the UN initiatives "to "combat Christian genocide"?

Ignoring the murder of Christians is, of course, only one piece of the puzzle; covering up the religious identity of their murderers is the other. In describing last Sunday's massacre of more than 50 Christians, the words "Muslim," "Islam," or even "Islamist" never appeared in the AP report. Rather, we are told that "It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack on the church."

The AP also failed to point out that Islamic terrorists have routinely stormed churches and slaughtered many Christians over the years in Nigeria -- a fact that might just offer a hint as to "who was behind the attack."

The UN and many members of the clergy have done absolutely nothing in response to the countless other Muslim attacks on churches that have claimed thousands of Christian lives over the years — except for trying to cover up the motivation of the murderers, as in the "mental illness defence."

Worse, the Biden administration's response to the jihadist onslaught against Christians in Nigeria — where 13 Christians are slaughtered every day — has been to remove Nigeria from the State Department's list of Countries of Particular Concern: nations which engage in, or tolerate violations of, religious freedom.

Where is the outrage? Where are the "hashtags" in support of Christian Nigerians? Why don't these black lives matter?