The ‘Clinic’ Profiting From Genital Mutilation

The ‘Clinic’ Profiting From Genital Mutilation

Fortunes are being made from the genital mutilation and drugging of children who are groomed by the evil people who profit from their confusion and abuse.

Many on the ‘right’ are very properly angry about genital mutilation and grooming when it’s done by Muslims, but why are so many of these supposedly principled campaigners silent when the culprits are atheistic white liberals?

Because sex-twisting drugs and genital mutilation are exactly the tools of the transgender campaigners who have created an epidemic of utterly unnatural and often deeply dangerous ‘sex changes’ among young children in Britain.

An important investigation, conducted by The Times, into the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust – a specialist Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) – has revealed some truly shocking abuses.

Children are essentially being used as experiments; many of the children are either being actively pressured or are feeling pressured to make drastic changes (using hormones and later surgery) to their body with little in the way of proved long term benfit; and these clinicians all agree that transgender lobby groups, like Mermaids, are having a harmful effect.

In 2010 there were 94 referrals to Tavistock. By last year there were 2,519. According to (GIDS) “1,806 of the referrals were for young people assigned female at birth (AFAB), and 713 for those assigned male at birth. Last year those numbers were 1400 and 616. This continues the trend of an increase in AFAB referrals proportionately.”

This is a social contagion which, for whatever reason, is harming girls even more than boys.

The five former clinicians of the Tavistock clinic, whom The Times intereviewed, revealed

  • The children going through the clinic are being used as a “live experiment”. Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones can cause permanent infertility. As one of the clinicians who spoke with The Times said: “When you start them on puberty blockers, you’re putting them on a pathway that could lead to sexual dysfunction problems and, for the younger kids, will definitely make them infertile.


  • Some children are being pressured or feel pressured into trying to change their sex because they are struggling with their own sexuality. “Some people were transitioning their gender to match their sexuality” said clinician.


  • Some children are transitioning or being encouraged to transition because they did not fit well into traditional gender roles. “Children’s bodies are being damaged in order to treat societal issues,” one of the clinicians said.


  • One clinician was even concerned about the role he/she may have played in enabling paedophilia whilst working for the Tavistock clinic. “All the pushing was coming from the father to put the kid on puberty blockers. Thinking back on it now, I fear that the father was a paedophile and the child was being abused.”


  • All of the clinicians believed that transgender charities such a Mermaids, were having a “harmful” effect by promoting transition as a cure-all solution for confused adolescents.

What is happening to these children and young people is a form of abuse. This has been allowed to continue for too long because the ideology behind it apparently enjoys the support of the state.

(Trans)gender ideology however, with its total redefinitions of such basic terms as “man” and “woman” is as out of touch with reality as it is actively harmful to its adherents, and harmful to innocent children struggling with some aspect of their identity.

To put it as bluntly as one of the former clinicians did: “If [the clinics]are getting it wrong, you have to ask, are they making kids infertile by mistake? Because if they are to truly acknowledge [our concerns], then they will have to ask themselves, what the f*** have we done to thousands of children?”

The Times should be commended for its excellent journalism in this case.