The Disgracing Of Disney And Resistance

The Disgracing Of Disney And Resistance

Walt Disney would turn in his grave at such twisted decadence carried out under his name. The company which was once a byword for wholesome, innocent children’s entertainment has turned itself into a grotesque promoter of deviancy and the recruitment of children to the LGBTQ+ culture of death.


Over the weekend, Disneyland Paris hosted its first-ever ‘gay pride’ event at Walt Disney Studios Park, which included the park’s first-ever pride parade. The prideful celebration was filled with eye-catching rainbow-attire, decor and inclusion of all!

The official write up gushed that “Last Saturday, Disneyland Paris celebrated its first-ever official LGBT+ event, Magical Pride! The proud and prideful event let park guests all come together to live their best life and shine with the joy of diversity at a dazzling party that took over the entire theme park.”

The only saving grace is that, judging from the pictures of the event, there were mercifully few children present. Clearly the parents of the much abused and ignored Silent Majority are exercising their duty as parents and Christians to keep their children away from this mental and moral madness. A growing number are deciding to boycott Disney and all its increasingly sordid and manipulative works. God bless them all!