The Future Is Australia - Tyranny

The Future Is Australia - Tyranny

As Australians struggle through seven or eight decades of economic pain resulting from the coronavirus lockdown, they will need to remember what Generation Lockdown achieved: dozens, perhaps even hundreds of nursing home residents in their '80s and '90s may have lived several months longer than they would have done if the country's economy hadn't been wrecked. The thousands of people who die of untreated cancer or lockdown suicide will have the consolation of knowing that their sacrifice might have kept a dementia ward safe for another few weeks of zero-quality life for a handful of poor old souls who would never have chosen such a lingering end had they been able to decide otherwise.

That 91-year-old grandma might live out her final six months in absolute misery, separated from her family, forced to be lonely, and eventually dying alone, unable to see her children and grandchildren. But if it weren’t for the lockdown, she never would have lived to see 92.

So the question is: would you rather die at 91, with your family at your side, or die six months later at 92, isolated and alone, having spent your final months forcibly stripped of your right to see your family?

That’s what you sacrificed for, Australia. Nothing else. Hope that makes you feel good.

And the same is true to vast swathes of the Western word in the grip of a criminal global elite whose corruption and submission to dark forces is matched only by their arrogance and incompetence.