The Girl With the Nazi Tattoo VIDEO

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The Girl With the Nazi Tattoo VIDEO

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act". This makes independent British journalist Graham Phillips a true revolutionary. The crowd-funded video reporter has built a strong reputation for his honest and courageous reporting from Eastern Ukraine for nearly ten years. And his latest video is perhaps his most important yet.


It exposes the stunning dishonesty of the Ukrainian and Western media outlets and politicians by examining the terrible torture-murder of a young woman found dead in the basement of a school occupoed by Ukrainian Azov Nazis.

It's not easy to watch or hear, but the truth matters. If you are as horrified as we are by this report, please take a few minutes to copy the link from the video and to post it all over social media - particularly in the Comments and replies sections of media outlets and individuals boasting of their support for Ukraine. Let them and the world see exactly what they are supporting. Thank for for caring and joining in the fight to get the truth out there!


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