The Great Purge End Game

The Great Purge End Game

The Great Purge is reaching its brutal end phase. All conservative voices are now being silenced. the latest victim, James Allsup, is just a normal person, yet he is now banned from YouTube.

He had nearly half a million followers on the platform. Allsup’s channel was huge and he made an absolute point to never violate YouTube’s terms of service. Yet he supports Donald Trump and so, as the liberals clear the decks for 2020, he has been silenced.

He was also deplatformed by Twitter and Instagram last week. He has been given no reasons and no chance of appeal – even though this has not only silenced him but destroyed a very successful alternative media business and livelihood he has built up with three years hard work.

This isn’t just about the liberal-left destroying the 2nd Amendment. It isn’t about President Trump failing dismally to defend his own supporters and base.

It is also deadly dangerous, because taking so many peoples’ voices and livelihoods away is a surefire war to provoke a terrorist backlash on an unprecedented scale. It is part of a leftist revolution which is going to push America towards a new civil war. No-one in their right minds can want that, but when did the words ‘liberal’ and ‘right mind’ really go together?