The Hidden City of London – a Travellers’ Guide

The Hidden City of London – a Travellers’ Guide

The ‘World of Mysteries’ series does some very good historical documentaries. We particularly like this full-length introduction to London, Europe’s biggest and busiest metropolis, visited by 28 million tourists every year.


Behind the glamour of the bright lights lies a concealed sinister city that most travellers don’t get to see. This is the Hidden City of London. London is a city rich in history, but you won’t see it all from a double decker bus. In this programme we explore a secret subterranean world. We hunt for ghosts of centuries past, and unravel the most famous English mystery of all, Jack the Ripper.

We look at Guy Fawkes, the seventeenth century terrorist captured trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament with two tonnes of gunpowder. Fawkes was imprisoned in one of the most brutal and terrifying places of all, the Tower of London.

Then it’s on to royal palaces and the bunker were Winston Churchill’s war cabinet held their meets at a top secret location below ground. Now a museum, the Churchill War Rooms have been left exactly as they were when they were abandoned in 1945.

If you’re a KTI Life Member and visiting London from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or similar, let us know well in advance and we’ll try to arrange to meet and show you London’s ancient Templar sites as well. If you’re not, at least try to see London – before the Catastrophe makes it impossible.