The Hidden Templar: Christian Direct Action

The Hidden Templar: Christian Direct Action

The current Pope is a heretic. That is not Protestant or Orthodox bias, that is simply, as I am going to explain, and inescapable fact!

But the good news: traditional Catholics, Christians, have started fighting back. Not just complaining, not just talking about doing something, but taking action.

This is not wishful thinking but the reality!

Earlier this month, Pope Francis received three primitive statues from Amazonian indigenous leaders as they planted trees in the gardens of the Vatican. For the Pontiff, it was an opportunity to deliver a speech on the globalists man made climate change scam.

But then the Traditionals sprung into action!

Invading the church, stealing the three pagan statues from the pulpit and dumping them into the Tiber. The action sent shock-waves throughout the Catholic world. Condemnations and praises were issued. What is for sure, the message to the Vatican was emphatic: We will no longer stand by and allow heresy within the Church to go unanswered!