The Hidden Templar: Elite War Lies Exposed

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The Hidden Templar: Elite War Lies Exposed

The fake news media are covering up another huge scandal in which lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction were used to drag the USA and Britain into war...


Several billion dollars in taxpayers’ money went up in smoke in March last year when President Trump was conned by Al Qaeda propaganda into believing that President Assad of Syria had “gassed his own people” in Douma.

In this hard-hitting report, our Hidden Templar reveals the truth about how the supposedly independent Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have admitted suppressing the report by their own engineers which shows that the gas cannisters we were told were dropped by Assad’s helicopters were actually placed by hand by Islamist rebels. Which means that the US Air Force and RAF were turned into Al Qaeda’s air arm!

With the same elite conmen now trying to drag us into war against Iran, it’s vital that people understand that NOTHING the MSM tell us about things that happen in the Middle East can be trusted. In fact, the best rule of thumb is that, if you hear it on your TV, it’s probably a lie!

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