The Hidden Templar: Nothing New Under the Sun

The Hidden Templar: Nothing New Under the Sun

The wisdom of ecclesiastics is one of the bibles great gifts to each and every generation. It's proposal that there is no new thing under the sun is a particularly valuable maxim. 

Marxism and liberalism may appear to be outdated hangovers of the 19th Century!

But they are merely the de-christianized version of an old heresy: Pelagianism. This is the belief that human beings are inherently good.

One implication of denying original sin and affirming the primacy of human free will is the belief that we humans can be masters of our own destiny and the world.

In a world without God, Pleasure becomes the GOAL!

The belief in the perfectibility of man and egalitarianism, encouraged by Peleganists, have re-emerged as the key errors at the rotten heart of the twin materialism of Marxism and Liberalism.