The Hidden Templar: Rejecting Terrorism

The Hidden Templar: Rejecting Terrorism

Not a day goes by without news of some further liberal clampdown on the people the Lying Press like to call ‘right-wing extremists’. There is no doubt that some of those so labelled are indeed extreme.

But many are simply normal people, and the positions which they hold are positions which only a couple of decades ago were rightly regarded as normal.

This Silent and increasingly dispossessed Majority, and its values, are berated and demonised.

Those who dare to defy the Political Correctness established are turned into second class citizens

Inevitably, the scale and pace of the changes forced on our society by the victorious liberals, cultural Marxists and the rapacious corporate class has already sparked isolated instances of violent response.

Each of these is eagerly seized on by the nation-wreckers, who exploit tragedies wrought by minds unhinged by desperation, to demand even more sweeping repression against their political and cultural opponents.

The end goal: The revolutionary remaking of Western society,

Separation from the ungodly is now the unavoidable duty and the only path to family preservation for every true Christian of European descent.

Secondly, it is inevitable that the scale of the imposed changes will spark more and more cases of desperate, angry violence.