The Hidden Templar: Social Exclusion

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The Hidden Templar: Social Exclusion

For years, the West’s liberal elites have rewarded rioting immigrant communities and the inhabitants of radicalised Muslim ghettos by throwing taxpayers’ money at them...

Despite decades of ‘affirmative action’ making us second class citizens and putting rioters and Islamists on publicly-funded pedestals, a steady stream of young Muslims turn to terrorism, but we cannot blame it all on the poor down-trodden Muslims. A study at University College London that used neuro-imaging techniques to map how the brains of radicalised individuals respond to being socially marginalised. The findings, they claim, confirm that exclusion is a leading factor in creating violent jihadists. The study probably does have some grounding in reality. Of course feeling alienated from wider society is going to tend to feed radicalisation. But this new push to make it the KEY factor is ridiculous!

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