The Hidden Templar: The Case of the ISIS Bride

The Hidden Templar: The Case of the ISIS Bride

At present the most notorious of the hundreds of British-born traitors who hot-tailed it to Syria to live in and give aid to the ISIS Caliphate established in that country with the covert aid of the Obama regime and its Western European puppets, including David Cameron.


Now that a combination of the military forces of Syria, Russia, Hezbollah and the Kurds (with a little help from the US and Royal Air Forces have crushed the head-cutters’ Caliphate, Begum wants to come back to Britain, to raise her newly born son at taxpayers’ expense. This despite the fact that she has just named him after one of Mohammad’s most blood-thirsty companions, who delighted in slaughtering infidels.

In the face of growing public outcry against the idea, the UK Home Secretary has just made a big show of saying that he intends to revoke Begum’s British citizenship. In fact, of course, he knows that Begum’s parasitic human rights lawyers will immediately challenge his decision in court.

He will then be able to shrug his shoulders. “Don’t blame me, guv, it’s the courts” and let this odious little apologist for terror back into Britain to raise her son as a next generation Jihadi on the back of the long-suffering British taxpayer.