The Hidden Templar: The Money Behind the Movement

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The Hidden Templar: The Money Behind the Movement

Drag queen story hour is a disgusting campaign of mental child molesting that is sweeping the USA and other Western countries.

This twisted agitprop involves tax-funded libraries hosting men dressed in tight, gaudy dresses, high heels and garish make up to promote gender-bending, homosexuality and cross-dressing to young children.

The events have even included registered sec offenders!

But who is behind this sick and bizarre campaign to sexualise young children? 

Israel David Fisherman, the son of a Rabbi, came up with the idea of using the American Library Association (ALA) to promote gay liberation, which, in the 1970's and 80's clearly and plainly included paedophilia.

To find out the other players behind pushing this disgusting agenda, watch this exclusive episode of The Hidden Templar! 




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