The Hidden Templar: Tories and Neocons

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The Hidden Templar: Tories and Neocons

This Hidden Templar analysis deals primarily with Brexit and the race to become UK Prime Minister but touches on issues that directly effect our American listeners.

The two candidates for UK Prime Minister are Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. Two public school educated, multi-millionaires that supported Theresa May's fake Brexit deal. Both have in the past banged the neocon war drums for war with Russia. Neither are to be trusted When it comes to international power politics, the liberal bureaucratic EU has only a fraction of the clout of the neocons empire run directly from Wall Street and Likkud central.

Both Johnson and Hunt are mere pawns in their long game. That is why the Templar message about the counterproductive and wasteful nature of party politics will become ever more important and compelling as the future unfolds. 

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