The Hidden Templar: What is to be Done?

The Hidden Templar: What is to be Done?

What is to be done? The liberal elites disastrous policy decisions and its ruthless persecution of those who refuse to toe the line has already triggered a vicious cycle of violence.

We can share a very important part of our historic 21st century mission with you!

While violence is inevitable, we are not saying it good or in anyway desirable, lest the left-wing smear merchants make the claim that we are promoting "violence."

The whole situation is tragic; we are merely saying violence is inevitable!

First we must draw attention to the heroes and martyrs of the past, so as to help give our people the moral strength needed to confront and overcome the evil that cannot be avoided.

Our purpose is spiritual rearmament, nothing more, nothing less! 

We regard it as our sacred duty to bring the light of Christ to the men that will lead the resistance against Islamist and leftist tyranny. We have a vision of the Templar banner becoming the symbol of those who fly it, however rough they may appear, how violent the struggle in which they are engaged, will not abuse their power and their strength. Deus Vult!