The Killing Fields Documentary Exposes the War Against South African Farmers

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Rebel Media's British journalist Katie Hopkins spent weeks in South Africa last year documenting the persecution of the Boer population by the Marxist ANC government.

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The Knights Templars have worked hard behind-the-scenes to help those Boers seeking a new life in Europe. Katie's work is giving Boer farmers an even louder voice, reaching hundreds of thousands online already, as the complicit Western media opts to pretend all is well in Mandela's rainbow nation.
The criminals that invade farms and butcher innocent civilians have more rights in South Africa than the law-abiding Boer farmers. The international community's must help pressure the Marxist government to uphold the law and abandon the planned confiscation of Boer land, but we will not hold our breath.
If you peak behind the curtain you'll find out that South Africa is a war zone. The ANC government is a crime against humanity. 


The Knights Templar Order