The Knights Templar and Denny Abbey, UK

The Knights Templar and Denny Abbey, UK

Historic Denny Abbey is tucked away down a dusty Cambridgeshire dirt track in a green corner of the mysterious, once-marshy Fenlands.

n its long history it has been home to many different religious orders from Benedictine monks to the Poor Clare’s nuns to the Knights Templars.

The place-name “Denny” is first attested in Templar records of 1176, where it appears as Daneya and Deneia. The name is thought to mean “Danes’ Island”.

In 1169 the site was transferred from the Benedictine monks to the Knights Templar. The Templars built a number of additions, including a large Norman-style arched doorway and a refectory. Denny became a hospital for sick members of the Order in the mid-13th century.