The Knights Templar and The Chinon Parchment

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The Chinon Parchment was found in 2001 by Italian paleographer Barbara Frale.

It is dated August 17-20, 1308, and records interviews with Jacques de Molay, grandmaster of the Order, Raymbaud de Caron, preceptor of the commandaries in Outremer, Hugo de Perraud, preceptor of France, Geoffrey de Gonneville, preceptor of Aquitania and Poitou, and Geoffrey de Charny, preceptor of Normandy.

Authorized by Pope Clement V, the authors were Berenger, cardinal priest of Saint Nereus and Achileus, Stephanus, cardinal priest of St Cyriac in Thermis, and Landolf, cardinal deacon of Saint’Angelo in Pescheria.

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The Knights Templar Order