The Liberal Elite Snatch Parents' God-Given Duty

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One of the most tyrannical means by which a Christian people can be oppressed is leftist legislation that expressly outlaws what God has expressly commanded them to do. But such legislation has now been passed in about 50 countries – including France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Ireland

It is all parents’ duty to discipline their children through spanking (Prov. 22:15; 23:13-14). The wisdom of the ages has also confirmed this to be one of the best methods of disciplining children, and studies have confirmed it to be beneficial for children.

The latest country to fall into the Marxist trap of taking away this right and duty from loving parents is South African, where the high court has declared it illegal for parents to spank their own children – even when the family is at home alone.

That the Boer people of South Africa are currently experiencing a chastising judgment from God has once again indubitably been confirmed by this ruling, by which the government now not only enforces its anti-Christian morality in the public domain, but infringes upon parental duties even in the home.

There is regrettably no notable public outcry about this in the country, but such legislation should really make Christian Boers reconsider whether it is wise to remain in a country where they not only face genocide, but are also expressly forbidden from obeying God’s commandments.

If so, they can forget going to once-Calvinist Scotland, where the same wicked legislation has also been passed and – along with compulsory indoctrination in favour of homosexual sex and transgenderism- will be imposed on children and their parents next year. The answer for the Boers has to be the Calvinist areas of Hungary.

The answer for the rest of us lies in central and eastern Europe as well. For these countries are true to the Word and laws of God, so they will survive and prosper while the decadent and disobedient West goes down in fire and terror as punishment for its sins.

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