The Only Safe School is a Home School

The Only Safe School is a Home School

A top English grammar school has allowed lesbian pupils to send a newsletter to girls as young as 11 explaining how to bind their breasts. The disgusting document explained how to bind their breasts for a 'flatter, more masculine appearance' as well as included links to sites with more information on the practice. 

After complaints from parents and traditionalist lobby group the Safe Schools Alliance, the school defended the newsletter, saying it aims to 'inform and promote understanding of LGBTQ+ issues'. 


The Safe Schools Alliance has now reported Nonsuch High School in Cheam, Surrey to the Department of Education. 

I cannot understand why a newsletter would be produced for girls in a school with such information, especially those as young as 11.' said a mother with two daughters at the school. 

'I cannot understand why a school would tell girls that you can bind your breasts so tightly that it harms your breasts and then if it hurts that they can chop their breasts off.

'Why are they telling my children this?'


Nonsuch last had a school inspection in 2013, which found that it 'continues to be good' and celebrates diversity among students

 In a statement, the school said of the newsletter, written by the LGBTQ+ student society, had the intention of 'communicating safety advice to young people who may be considering risky practices ... Interest and curiosity are not necessarily fixed to a specific age group.

'Information can safeguard children seeking answers to questions they may have that they cannot find safely in isolation.'

While the Safe Schools Alliance are to be commended for their effort, the plain truth is that the Department of Education is completely rotten with LGBTQ+ dogma and will do nothing to stop such dangerous and abusive actions. The affair is yet another reminder of a simple fact that all parents need to understand:

The only safe school is a home school!