The Patriot That Saw Brexit Betrayal coming - Two Years ago

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The anger among ordinary people is very real as they watch Theresa May treat the British people like imbeciles by pretending that absolute surrender to the EU is some sort of ‘deal’.


This video was made nearly two-and-a-half years ago, and it shows how at least one political commentator was warning within a week of the Brexit vote that the liberal elite would refuse to listen to the will of the people:

While everyone else from the Brexit camp was ecstatic with the referendum victory, Mr Dowson warned prophetically of”machinations behind the scenes” and of “despotic rulers refusing to take into account the wishes of the people”.

Now everyone can see he was – and remains – right. The question is, what next? The fall of Theresa May? A ‘no deal’ Brexit? A second referendum?

Perhaps the key question is this: If the British people are completely stitched up and ignored by the liberal elite, will they grumble and surrender and switch off politics completely – or will they rise up and restore their freedom and sovereignty through civil disobedience? We may find out sooner than many people think!

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