The Pit and the Pendulum

The Pit and the Pendulum

It would be very easy to go along all the other conservative, patriotic and Christian voices who are still telling Americans what they want to hear: That Donald Trump has a cunning plan, that the Democrats are about to be exposed and ruined by a giant sting operation, that the Supreme Court will sort it all out. If the Templars told you the same thing, it would make you feel good and brighten up your day.

But we do not lie. We are not here to peddle false hope. We do not deal in short term comfort. Our mission is to tell the truth and to prepare people to face painful reality.

And the truth is that a deadly combination of Big Tech censorship, the fake news media, far-left intimidation, Democrat mastery of mail-in ballot campaigning (a mixture of technique, work-rate and fraud) and elite Republican treachery have stolen not just this election, but America. It is over.

We wish it were otherwise. We continue to pray for a miraculous turn-around. But we have to be realistic. Donald Trump is still hanging in there this morning, but he is one man, surrounded by enemies and with the Republican party elite now preparing to do what they've wanted to do for four years - to throw him to the wolves.

Millions of decent Americans would come to their President's aid - if he unveiled a realistic plan and called them out to save their country and their freedom. But he had the chance to do that last night, and he failed to take it. Even before the big networks started cutting him off, Donald Trump had missed his and America's last chance. He should have come out and briefly detailed a concise account of the key examples of blatant fraud, including the sort of travesties we detailed on this site yesterday. He should have told his supporters that, while he is taking individual examples of fraud and undemocratic practice to court, the overall assault on American freedom and democracy is so blatantly criminal that it is not a matter for months of argument as cases wind their way through the legal system; it should be a matter for the police, the National Guard and for several million of his supporters immediately deputised to uphold the constitution and to stop the rolling Democrat-led coup.

The speech should have been given with the President flanked by grim-faced senior law-enforcement officers. It should have taken six or seven minutes and ended with a list of the main culprits being arrested and the emergency regulations now in force - including martial law measures against the inevitable Antifa and BLM mobs.  It should have gripped America and echoed round the world. Instead, we saw a man alone; his long speech was rambling and unfocused; his accusations of fraud were vague and often missed the point. The only solution offered was to appeal through a legal system which has already shown its bias in favour of the very mail-in ballot scam which is at the dark heart of the Great Steal. And when the speech was over, we didn't see the Commander-in-Chief leading his people into action, we saw a mini-blizzard of impotent postings on a platform controlled and censored by his enemies. We wish we could say otherwise, and we are deeply saddened to have to say it, but Donald J Trump missed the moment and lost his chance.

We know that many of our readers will not want to hear this; some may even disbelieve and get angry with us for a time. But look at the record of the last four years and you will see that there is no surprise here; Mr Trump's speech and lack of resolute action yesterday merely repeated a pattern with which we have become all too familiar in the last four years.

Remember all those angry tweets complaining about liberal censorship of social media? His entire support base was deplatformed and gagged. He promised action, but did nothing. Remember the pledges against immigration and the Wall? Well, he took some action, but he also spoke of putting big gates in his wall, and he went on to take the side of big business in favour of letting in migrant workers. Remember the tough talk against Antifa and BLM? Contrast that with the way in which he allowed the FBI, police and courts to let leftist rioters - and riot organisers - off the hook, while letting them entrap and jail naive patriots. Remember all the talk about 'draining the swamp', but then recall that vermin like the warmongering giant slug Mike Pompeo and the appalling Attorney General William Barr were not only given high office, but left in charge even when they had exposed themselves as creatures of the swamp and enemies of the President, of freedom and of America.

So if you want to be told what you want to hear, if you want to be told that everything will come good and that Donald Trump is going to serve four more years, then go listen to the fools and the snake-oil salesmen who will tell you what you want to hear for a couple more days. But if you value the truth, remember who told it to you first.

We do not blame really Donald Trump. As already noted, he is very much alone. He has always been a businessman, rather than a revolutionary, and only a conservative revolutionary - with the skills, political experience and will to build a revolutionary machine - could possibly have saved the day. Donald Trump strove valiantly against the Deep State and the Swamp. He will always remain the first President for more than fifty year not to start a war in his first term, but he will not get a chance either to keep world peace or to start a war in a second. Huge scale electoral fraud has completed what massive social media censorship and four years of fake news media lies began.

The best Donald Trump may now be able to do is negotiate himself a safe retirement, which the Democrats may allow in order to encourage a peaceful transition - always assuming Kamala Harris WANTS a peaceful transition. She and her gang of criminals and fraudsters may actually want confrontation and angry, incoherent violence from disenfranchised Trump supporters, for such outbursts would provide a perfect excuse to strip the protection of the First and Second Amendments from those who would oppose what the left are going to do once they seize control and impose their revolutionary agenda.

We titled this short obituary to American democracy 'The Pit and the Pendulum'. The pit is where America is now headed, fast. The pendulum will take a lot longer to swing back. It will not do so electorally, EVER. The victorious, left-revolutionary Democrats will IMMEDIATELY throw the switch on the biggest gerrymandering immigration flood in history. Millions of illegals will be amnestied and turned into US voters. The floodgates will be opened to 'climate refugees' from South America, the Middle East and Africa, and they will overwhelmingly be given their new homes and tax handouts not in California or New England, but in the true red heart of Middle America.

But, for all that, the pendulum will swing back. Not, as we say, in four years or through the ballot box. It will not swing back until the pain of what is coming forces Americans from the sloth and sinfulness that have grown as rank weeds as a result of consumer comfort and a liberalism that has infected all too many even of the faithful. It will not swing back as the result of political action by mortal men, but when the good Lord sees fit to let it do so. And when the current generation of selfish, useless, stupid, cowardly 'conservatives' have been replaced as the main force within the white and Christian population of America by the children and grandchildren of the relative few who still heed God's great and eternal injunction: Be fruitful and multiply".

Looking at our book Deus Vult in the light of the last few days, we see just one word which, arguably, has dated. That is the word 'Alabama' is the heading of the chapter 'Alabama and the End of Politics'. For, this morning, 'Alabama' could be changed to read 'America'. Of the remaining 34 chapters, we urge all who have already received their copies of this ever-more relevant classic of resistance thought to read or re-read the chapters 'Tooth Fairy Politics', 'Against Terrorism' and 'Arrested'.

Because we saw all this coming, and we took action to guide and to help good people through the dark, bitter time now descending like a pestilential fog on the USA. Read those chapter. Read the book. Get to work on the many positive proposals it contains for yourself, your family, your friends and your community. For our time WILL come. In the meantime, God bless Donald Trump for his brave fight. And God help America through what is now coming.