The Rising Price of Diversity

The Rising Price of Diversity

The MSM news and propaganda outlets talk a lot about ‘enrichment’, but several horrific court cases have recently highlighted the down-side of Ireland’s new ‘diversity’.

Angry scenes broke out in Sligo as a 22-year-old man charged with murdering two men was transferred from the police station to the courthouse.

Yousef Palani, who is of Middle Eastern origin, but became a naturalised Irish citizen and lived in Markievicz Heights in Sligo, was also charged with assault causing serious harm to another man.

One of the victims, Aidan Moffitt, was beheaded after being violently attacked in his own home. Mr Moffit and Michael Snee, both single men, were believed to have been contacted by their killer on the homosexual dating app, Grindr, before being butchered in their homes.

Defence counsel Mr McGovern asked Judge Murphy for an immediate psychiatric assessment. Judge Murphy also granted an application by Mr McGovern for free legal aid for the accused.

In the same week, a grieving mother wept in court as her ex-boyfriend was handed a life sentence after he admitted murdering her infant son.

Sharyar Ali (34) was due to go on trial at Newry Crown Court for the murder of 11-month-old Hunter Patrick McGleenon, but pled guilty at the last moment.

In another example of how immigration isn’t always about wonderful ‘enrichment, a man who killed an innocent father out celebrating his twin daughters’ christening has been released from jail, having served less than four years behind bars.

Vytautas Racys assaulted 35-year-old Seamus Bell in an unprovoked one-punch attack in 2018, leaving his victim in coma for five months before he died.

Racys was sentenced in January 2019 to five years in prison for the manslaughter of Mr Bell, but he Sunday Independent confirmed that the Lithuanian national was released from prison, having served just three years and nine months.

In the same nightmare week, a 25-year-old man who claimed he unknowingly downloaded animated child pornography told how one click on a website resulted in his arrest and conviction in court.

Nabil Ibrahim of Lehenaghmore, Togher, Co. Cork, appeared before in court to plead guilty to having child pornography at his home.

All bar one of the images found in Ibrahim's computer were cartoon depictions of children engaged in acts of a sexual nature.

Ibrahim, who received a four-month suspended sentence for the offence, told the Sunday World that he had not intended to download child pornography.

"It was just by accident," he said. "I was on a social media site. It was Tumblr and I clicked on it."

Asked why he clicked on the link or folder, Ibrahim said: "I don't know. I wasn't sure what it was. It just said 'illegal' or something like that. All this happened four years ago - it's been going on quite a while."

We are not, of course, saying that all immigrants are criminals or potential criminals. We are simply pointing out that liberal population replacement and ‘enrichment’ is not quite everything the fake news media and political elite crack it up to be. The liberal dream can all too often become a nightmare for ordinary Irish people.

But if you think the things we have already seen are bad, wait until you experience what’s rushing down the tracks towards Ireland. Because the Leinster house elite’s ‘no cap’ policy for Ukrainian ‘refugees’ is set to make what’s happened so far look very tame indeed.

Again, the problem is not all Ukrainians. Most, of course, are not genuine refugees from the war which hasn’t touched civilian areas in vast swathes of their country. They are economic migrants, rushing to get out of the failed Kiev state while the exit doors are open. Others are draft dodgers or criminals seizing the opportunity to head for the West, where they expect to find richer pickings.

 This Ukrainian exodus is going to destabilise the whole of Western Europe. Many of the newcomers are going to be very bitter at the West; NATO encouraged their government to provoke Russia, then gave them enough weapons to drag out the war, while refusing to get involved on their behalf. Much of the EU continues to buy Russian oil and gas, even while the fake news media are full of Russian atrocity tales.

On top of that, the fast-growing Ukrainian diaspora includes extensive neo-Nazi and criminal organisations. Kiev is the European centre for hardcore pornography, prostitution and child sex slavery, and the Ukrainian army has entire battalions of highly trained neo-Nazis.

Vast quantities of arms, including high-tech anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, are ending up in the hands of criminal and Nazi gangs. Islamist mercenaries shipped by Turkey  from Idlib in Syria to Ukraine are also fighting the Russians, and they too steal as many weapons as they can and funnel them towards sleeper cells in the West.

The media and political elites know about all of this, but they want to keep the Irish people in the dark. Just the same as their fellow puppet regimes in London, Paris, Berlin and so on. So pass this on and help wake a few more people up.