The Robots ARE Coming!

The Robots ARE Coming!

"The Robots Are coming" is the title of one of the 28 chapters in our thought-provoking, life-changing book Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West. This chapter examines the way in which, after the apparently false start of the 1960s, robots are now breaking out of their recently normal factory environment on a scale that has enormous implications for the whole of our society.

This video gives a fascinating glimpse of what's just around the corner. Is it good or bad? It could be either. Introduced into a society run on healthy, moral, Christian lines, technology such as this could be a boon to humanity. Imposed on an already crushed population of 'Great Reset' techno-feudal serfs, it is more likely to be monstrous.

Either way, it certainly bears thinking about.

The wide-range of subjects tackled fearlessly from a staunchly Christian Nationalist perspective has already made Deus Vult - Reconquista a much-valued classic. We have heard of a group of home-schooling traditional Catholics in Ireland who have made the book core reading for their older children - the boys in particular. Whatever you think of robots, you need to read the book!