The Stranger Within My Gate

The Stranger Within My Gate

"Christian convert behind Liverpool terror attack". The BBC and the rest of the fake news media are suddenly very keen to connect religion and terrorism.

But here's the truth:

1  Many asylum seekers feign conversion to Christianity because it earns them extra points when they say they fear being sent back as they will be killed for leaving Islam.

2  The Alpha Course is so watered down and ecumenical that someone may be 'converted' by it, but not to genuine Christianity. The hospital bomber MAY have brought into something when he attended church back in 2017, but it certainly was NOT the True Faith.

3  Virtually all terrorists in recent years have two common denominators - Islamist influence and drug abuse, invariably super-strength cannabis. But the police and liberal media are so determined to fully legalise drugs that they deliberately conceal this.

4  The great English poet Rudyard Kipling warned us this would happen:


The Stranger within my gate,
  He may be true or kind,
 But he does not talk my talk—
  I cannot feel his mind.
 I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
   But not the soul behind. 

The men of my own stock
  They may do ill or well,
 But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
  They are used to the lies I tell.
 And we do not need interpreters
  When we go to buy and sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
   He may be evil or good,
 But I cannot tell what powers control—
  What reasons sway his mood;
 Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
  Shall repossess his blood. 

The men of my own stock,
   Bitter bad they may be,
 But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
  And see the things I see;
 And whatever I think of them and their likes
  They think of the likes of me. 

This was my father's belief
   And this is also mine:
 Let the corn be all one sheaf—
  And the grapes be all one vine,
 Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
  By bitter bread and wine.