The Truth About Those Arrested ‘Neo-Nazis’

The Truth About Those Arrested ‘Neo-Nazis’

While more than 20,000 known Islamist extremists – many of them veterans of the Jihadi slaughter of countless innocent people – prowl the streets of Britain, anti- terror police continue to waste their time, energy and taxpayers’ money chasing silly white kids wound up by paid police agents provocateur and their Satanist allies.


The papers right now are all covering the arrest of “three men aged from 17 to 21 including a university professor’s son, on terror charges.

Police said the arrests this morning were pre-planned, adding that searches were ongoing at properties in all three cities as well as another in Leeds.

The arrests in London and Portsmouth were under the Terrorism Act 2006 – specifically section one regarding encouraging terrorism, and section two which is about dissemination of terrorist publications.

Their main ‘crime’ appears to be circulating violent images created by the Sonnenkrieg Division, a British version of a US neo-Nazi group called the Atomwaffen Division.

Both are described as ‘neo-Nazi’ groups, and people stupid and sick enough to find their juvenile and hate-filled negativity attractive in many ways deserve everything they get. But, that said, it’s important to understand that the little clique of self-styled ideologues behind both groups are not primarily political in any way. They are, quite simply, avowed Satanists.

This is not some wild theory or slur; it is simply established fact. The Order of Nine Angles is an all too real Satanist organisation, which encourages members to infiltrate extremist political movements, whose members might be susceptible to conversion. Among its key figures are several heavily involved in the UK neo-Nazi group National Action (NA).

One of the things that excites them is the possibility of foolish (often autistic) young men who get lured into their web having their lives so ruined that they commit suicide. There is also a strong homosexual element exploiting the insane hatred for women promoted by all these groups.

As well as being infiltrated by Satanists, NA was also heavily infiltrated (if not actually founded) by paid operatives of the security services. One of their key aims is to provoke angry and alienated young white lads into doing or saying stupid and ugly things. Having given the liberal media fresh ammunition with which to demonise all opposition to mass immigration and the Great Replacement. such misguided fools are then locked up. This allows the sections of the security services working to ‘deradicalise’ young Muslims to ‘prove’ to their targets that the British state is as committed to stopping ‘anti-Muslim’ extremists as Muslim ones.

The police want to set young whites up for arrest and the destruction of their lives, because they need sacrificial lambs to display to the Muslim community. So they find it very convenient to have Satanists doing the same thing because the idea of destroying young lives fits in with their twisted belief system too.

The Satanist origins of the ‘ideas’ and Satanist sympathies of key figures in National Action, Sonnenkrieg Division and the Atomwaffen Division are matters of public record. From a purely journalistic point of view, they are a gift, in terms of spicing up the story and titivating their audience.

So why are the liberal media totally ignoring these facts? Because to explain them would show the public that such groups have absolutely nothing to do with genuine nationalism or with genuine resistance to enforced multi-culturalism, the Great Replacement and the destruction of Christian European civilisation which they are meant to bring about.

Still less will the liberal media tell the public that many genuine patriots and anti-globalists – including in particular the KTI – have repeatedly exposed and condemned the Satanists and paid police grasses for the provocateur scum they are. By contrast, we offer constructive alternatives and positive solutions for people who are angry or alarmed about the destruction of our identity and civilisation.

If the people running the System in places like Britain and the USA really wanted to calm things down and fight extremism, they would tell the public the truth, and they would leave us free to get on with the job of offering constructive and positive ways forward. Instead, all we get is censorship, deplatforming and endless harassment by the State and its left-wing allies.

These people WANT to see even more young lives wasted and destroyed by groups like NA, the ‘Divisions’ and the System Resistance Network. That is why, while the authorities jump on kids who flirt with them form a great height, the Judas Goats who set them up and run them are left free to continue their evil work.