The Twelve Apostles - Who Were They?

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The Twelve Apostles - Who Were They?

The word disciple ” refers to a “learner” or “follower” The word “apostle” refers to “one who is sent out” While Jesus was on earth, the Twelve were called Disciples. The Twelve Disciples followed Jesus Christ, learned from him, and were trained by him. 

The names of the 12 are: 1. Simon Peter (brother of Andrew) – He was active in bringing people to Jesus – Bible writer 2. James (son of Zebedee & older brother of john) also called”James the greater” – Bible writer 3. John (son of Zebedee and brother of James) – Bible writer 4. Andrew (brother of SimonPeter) – He was active in bringing people to Jesus 5. Phillip of Bethsaida 6. Thomas (Didymus) 7. Bartholomew (Nathaniel) – He was one of the disciples to whom Jesus appeared at the Sea of Tiberias After his Resurrection. He was also a witnessof the Ascension 8. Mathew (Levi) of Capernaum 9. James (son of Alphaeus) also called”James the lesser” – Bible writer 10. Simon the Zealot (the Canaanite) 11. Thaddeus – Judas (Lebbaeus), brother of James the lesser and brother of Mathew (Levi) of Capernaum 12. Judas Iscariot the betrayer


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