They Opened the Gates of Hell

They Opened the Gates of Hell

A transgender fake "woman" who identified as a vampire has been convicted of sexually terrorizing a 16-year-old Wisconsin girl with learning difficulties - while under investigating for a strangling a man to death in her home. 

Adam 'Sabrina' Hetke, 35, has already been jailed twice for sex offences against women dating back to 2007, and police warned that she had a 'high probability to reoffend' when she was released in 2016.

But she was free to scare the young teen into jumping out of her bedroom window after following her home from a Waukesha gas station with a knife and sexually assaulting her in July 2021.

Just weeks before the sex assault, Hetke allegedly admitted strangling a man to death in Milwaukee, after telling a friend: 'I killed him. God can't bring him back but I can because I'm the devil.'

It was only after she assaulted the 16-year-old that she was arrested for murder.

Five months later she was living with three women in a house in the Concordia neighborhood of Milwaukee when she invited a young man with learning difficulties around.

Vydale Thompson-Moody, 28, was found dead in the house the following morning with a 15-foot electrical cord underneath him and marks to his neck and forehead.

One of his housemates told police that Hetke had been bullying Thompson-Moody and wrapped a cord around his neck.

She said Hetke said he was removing demons from Thompson-Moody as she tightened the cord but was pulled off her victim by the housemates who eventually went to sleep, only to find their guest dead the next morning.

Hetke was arrested within 24 hours and told police Thompson-Moody had been 'possessed by a demon' and stabbing himself in the chest with tongs before wrapping the cord around his own neck.

She claimed she had succeeded in exorcising the 'demon' and was discharged days later on administrative release as investigators struggled to pin charges on her.