This is what a REAL Community looks like!

This is what a REAL Community looks like!

Whether you live in Britain, the USA, Canada, in a West European country or wherever, you surely already know that the biggest danger of all in the immigration-invasion catastrophe building up in the West is the lack of cohesion and identity in our indigenous European community.

If our people were united, organised and confident, the is no challenge to which we could not rise, no problem we could not solve. But we are not. Everywhere we look, our people are atomised, lack any sort of community structure and (rightly) fearful for the future.

Everywhere, that is, except for one very small place: the loyalist parts of Northern Ireland. 

We are not showing the video below out of nostalgia or, even worse, hostility to the other traditional community in Northern Ireland. Our regular supporters will know we have a good and constructive relationship with genuine Irish nationalists. Instead, we show you these scenes of one of this year's parades in East Belfast by way of illustration of what a real, normal community should and can look like.

When you think of the organisation, commitment, connections and common sense of identity which are both required by, and help to create, spectacles like these, you can rapidly appreciate just why - even though this community is now outnumbered and besieged - no-one is going to push them around. 

There are vital lessons for the whole of the 'post-Christian' West to be found in Northern Ireland. As soon as our Chapter House and Chapel construction project is completed, we will set up a long-term programme to help bring patriotic leaders and activists from all over 'our' world over to see and learn them. In the meantime, please watch and share this video. Because we have a world to help save!