This is why we have a 2nd Amendment!

This is why we have a 2nd Amendment!

The weekend saw a heinous attack on a small humble church in the great state of Texas. Yet, where was the mass-media to clammer about anti-religious hate crime and religious persecution?

Their silence should tell us all we need to know!

Two worshippers were killed, but thanks to one brave individual who took down the active shooter, many more lives were spared. The media will, of course, blame the 2nd amendment for the initial deaths, without failing to recognise, it was one patriot, an retired FBI agent, who brought down the murderer.

On Behalf of Templars around the world, We salute you, Sir!

The calls for gun control will begin in earnest. Would you even be shocked if the liberal loonie brigade began holding vigils for the active shooter?

You and I both know, both know the days when law-abiding Americans like you, will find it difficult to practice our second amendment rights, as America's demographics shift and the Democrats seize full control of our democracy.

The Knights Templar International stand fully behind our American brothers and sisters and their second amendment rights. We, in Europe, know the feeling of powerlessness, unarmed and at the mercy of Jihadi communities, armed and ready to strike at any moment. 

America is different. America is unique and as long as one Templar Knight is left breathing, the second amendment will be protected from the grasping hands of Pelosi, Cortez and the rest of their communist cabal.