Time To Move On (Again)?

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Another powerful song and video from popular Boer singer Bok van Blerk. There is a view among some folks that this video contains a hidden message to all white Africans to pack their bags and run for their lives before the killing begins in earnest.


The video does portray a typical scene that has occurred countless times in various places on the African continent. In fact the video portrays the scene very mildly. However, I’m quite sure that some people who have become the victims of crime, affirmative action, or other deeds of Marxist-ANC oppression, sometimes feel like moving to greener and more peaceful pastures. The video may just sway these folks to stop dreaming about it.

Afrikaans – English Lyrics

Ek het jou nie verloor nie – I did not lose you
Maar wat het jou gewen? – But what has won you?
Jou paspoort op die tafel – Your passport on the table
Het my hier vasgepen – Has penned me down
Jy sê daar kom ‘n oorlog – You say that a war is coming
Wat diep daar in jou brand – that burns deep inside you
Jy vra kom ek saam na waar jy moet gaan – You ask, am I coming with to where you must go
Jy sê dis tyd om te trek – You say, it’s time to move
Om jou hart te vat – to take your heart
Jy sê dis nie om ons uitmekaar te spat – You say, it is not to cause us to scatter apart
Maar jou woorde aan my – But your words to me
Wil ek hier agter bly – do I want to stay here
Want as jy vra moes jy vra – because if you ask you had to ask
Maar jy’t my gesê – but you told me
Van jou wyse plan is dit wat jy wou hê – Of your wise plan is this what you wanted
Daar’s geen plek vir jou hier – there’s no place for you here
Jy sê dis tyd om te trek – You say, it’s time to move
Daar is soveel meer wat ek wou sê – There is so much more I wanted to say
En wat ek oor wou hê – and what I wanted to happen
Maar hier in donker Africa – But here in dark Africa
Wat soveel van ons vra – That asks so much from us
Wat sou dit kos om net te bly – What would it cost to just stay
Jou woorde was te duur – Your words were too costly
Want wat jy wou sê – Because what you wanted to say
Was geskryf teen die muur – Was written on the wall

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