Tommy Robinson Gagged After Criticising BBC

Tommy Robinson Gagged After Criticising BBC

Tommy Robinson has been booted off both Facebook and Instagram. The liberal censorship of Britain’s best-known counter-jihad spokesman follows earlier bans by Twitter and several big payment platforms.


The move is another dramatic turn of the screw by the liberal elite in their ruthless war against any dissent. It follows a high-profile clash between Robinson, the BBC and the Home Office/MI5-linked HopeNotHATE fund-raising body.

The KTI have criticised Tommy Robinson’s own liberal tendencies with regards to issues such as LGBT+ and mass immigration, but our differences with him are of no importance when it comes to free speech and the right of dissidents to express opinions and organise to advance them.

The specific views of opponents of elite projects such as Islamisation, Brexit and Replacement Immigration are not the issue; the issue is FREEDOM, and the elite’s attack on it. Either everyone is free to speak and organise, or none of us is.

The only thing that stands a chance of getting this latest turn of the screw – and others – reversed is if Facebook and the other liberal alternative media corporations feel a massive weight of public opinion against their censorship tricks.

So, whether you agree with Tommy or not, we urge you to pass this on; to post criticisms of this outrageous censorship, and to sign petitions against it.

Because this attack on Tommy’s rights are an attack on yours as well. And it’s time to make a stand!

Sign our petition to have Tommy's Facebook reinstated and oppose the Big Tech oligarchs intent on silencing ALL opposition to the establishment: